Gatorz Magnum Patriotic Sunglasses - Black Frame with an American Flag and Smoked Polarized Lenses

Posted by Cici Tim on Oct 28th 2022

Protect your eyes in a stylish way with the Gatorz Magnum Patriotic Sunglasses

You don't often find sunglasses that fit so well that you forget you're wearing them. The fit and finish of these sunglasses are great, and they're designed with purpose.

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My Initial Thoughts of the Gatorz Magnum Patriotic - Black Frame with American Flag Smoked Polarized lens

I tried on my new glasses, and they fit well. They were snug, wrapped around well, and gave me a great field of view. The tint on the lens is not too dark, and they work well on cloudy or partially sunny days. The lenses are also wide, which gives me a wider field of vision than the Wraptors. They are light and comfortable, and they fit well without needing any adjustments from me.

Gatorz is a pair of sunglasses that can be adjusted more easily than most sunglasses. The frame is made of aluminum, which makes it easy to adjust by applying pressure in the direction you want it to go. It is also easy to bend back.

Review of the Patriotic Gatorz Magnum- Black Frame With American Flag Smoked Polarized lens lenses

The process of setting up and using sunglasses is quite simple; all you have to do is put them on your face. Gatorz, nevertheless, offers some distinct capabilities that make fitting easier than any other pair of sunglasses. You go to a little shack or a mall kiosk to try on most pairs of glasses. You match the size of the glasses to your unique face shape. Some are too narrow, some are too broad, few are adjustable, and they are designed for a variety of faces. Prescription glasses, on the other hand, need to be adjusted somewhat more simply than sunglasses. If you apply simple yet light pressure in the direction you want to alter it, the all-aluminum structure can be bent. They're quite flexible and easy to bend back.

Review of the Patriotic Gatorz Magnum - Black Frame with American Flag Smoked Polarized lensUSA Flag

These glasses are a great choice for anyone looking for a durable, lightweight pair of glasses. They are made from aerospace-grade aluminum and are fully adjustable. The lenses are also impact-resistant, and the temples fit behind and underneath the earmuffs when hunting or shooting. In addition, they offer a hassle-free returns policy, lifetime frame warranty, military, veteran, and first responder discounts, and they are American-made.

The frame width is 135 millimeters, the frame height is 40 millimeters, the nose piece height is 44.5 millimeters, and the nose piece width can be adjusted to 31.8 millimeters. The temple tip-to-tip distance can also be adjusted to 140 millimeters.

These smoke polarized lenses help reduce glare, which can be especially helpful when looking at the water. They also help reduce eye fatigue. I find them to be a good everyday lens for outdoor use. The thin frames make them comfortable, while the aluminum heft helps keep them attached to your head. The wider lenses of the Magnum-style frame keep the frame from getting in your peripheral vision.

I was surprised by how clear the lenses were on these sunglasses. The clarity was better than most name-brand sunglasses I have owned in the past. The gray smoke lenses offer a nice shade, but they don't help with color correction. For me, using these sunglasses every day means that there is no surprise when I take them off. The scenery looks the same, with or without the glasses. The only difference was that it was a bit darker with the sunglasses on.

The sunglasses have lenses that are in my peripheral vision and are thin enough that they only touch my cheeks when I smile or grin. The lenses are far enough from the brow that they don't touch my brow, but I can get them close enough to brush my eyelashes when I blink. The nose-piece can be adjusted to prevent this and make the sunglasses more comfortable. There is a very little light gap around the edge of the sunglasses and minimal light bouncing off my cheeks.

Review of the Patriotic Gatorz Magnum - Black Frame with American Flag Smoked Polarized Made in America

The obvious advantages of these sunglasses are protected from the sun and polarization. Both UV protection and polarization assist you in staying safe from the sun while minimizing glare. The lenses' width and length also keep distractions out on the sides of your vision, allowing you to see in all directions when engaged in an activity. The minimal temples and frames allow them to be hidden beneath earmuffs, and the patriotic flag on the side shows my patriotism.

Review of the Patriotic Gatorz Magnum- Black Frame With American Flag Smoked Polarized lens clarity

The sunglasses only come with a soft bag. This is not ideal because the sunglasses are expensive and of good quality. I was disappointed to discover that the sunglasses are not supplied with a hard case to safeguard them. The assurance of a solid case gives me a piece of mind, even though they're constructed of aluminum, which is readily bendable, and their frames are protected by a lifetime guarantee.

To sum up the Gatorz Magnum Patriotic - Black Frame with American Flag Smoked Polarized lens

I used to think the Gatorz Wraptor's black frames were my new favorite pair of sunglasses, but I was incorrect. I was only mistaken because I hadn't tried on the Magnums yet. The wider lens on the Magnums allows me to see better in all directions, making them superior sunglasses. Despite the fact that they are both excellent sunglasses, I will be donning my Magnums exclusively from this moment forward. The Magnums are a better style of sunglass with a well-designed frame and lens that are appropriate to most people with similar face sizes to mine.

To summarize, the Magnum blacks are sunglasses that you can wear without thinking about it. You don't have to worry about taking them off until nighttime falls. I hope this section has demonstrated how pleasant and clear these glasses are.

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