Review of the Nexbelt Titan DB Black Precise Fit EDC Belt

Posted by AJ Koenes on Jul 14th 2023

The Ultimate Belt Solution: Get The NexBelt Designed Titan DB for Stylish and Comfortable Everyday Wear

This belt is precision-fit from top to bottom and is designed with black nylon construction, making it perfect for everyday carry (EDC).

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My first impression is one of astonishment. The NexBelt Nation logo is imprinted on a lovely little black carry bag that accompanies the belt and buckle. The case that holds the belt and buckle is also high-quality in terms of both material and workmanship. I pay close attention to the accessories that come with a product, and I am really surprised by the quality of this one. The black-on-black camo pattern is elegant and understated.

After I set the bag down, a packet of tools falls out. It includes a little zip-lock bag containing a strap, installation screws, and further instructions. The belt is held together by a sturdy rubber band, and I have to commend Nexbelt for its motto: "For God and Country." This rubber band could make an excellent wrist bracelet, as it is the perfect size for it.

Nextbelt Titan BD Black PreciseFit EDC Belt

The belt's buckle appears to be made of solid metal. It is a bit rigid and wants to curl a lot because it was wound so tightly in the bag. The quality is excellent, and the attention to detail is amazing. Not only do they have all of the information you'll need to be printed on the inside, but they also include inch indicators. So, looking at my particular belt, it starts at 25 inches and goes up to 49 inches in length. That's fantastic. It includes installation instructions, carries suggestions, model numbers, and everything else you want or need.

The instructional booklet contains a fold-out illustration of the device's parts. As I go through the installation process, it becomes clear why the inches are on the back of the device. Due to the limited number of ratcheting sizes, you should trim the belt, and connect it to the buckle clasp. The instructions advise you to cut your belt four inches longer than your waist size. The buckle is then installed on the trimmed end, and the other end of the belt becomes the ratchet. It should be close to the size you need. However, as I always do, I would double-check to see if they recommend cutting more. To start, cut off the excess buckle. You can always trim more, but it is important to use common sense as you cannot return what you have already cut off. Once you have trimmed and installed the buckle, your belt is ready to use.

Nexbelt Titan BD Black PreciseFit EDC Belt installation

During the test period, I put different pants with various belt loops on the Nexbelt. The size of the belt loops on my regular working jeans and tactical pants was a major concern when it came to using the Nexbelt Titan. Despite my initial concerns about the size of the belt loops on my regular working jeans and tactical pants, I found the Nexbelt Titan to be easy to put on and take off. Moreover, it remained comfortable to wear throughout the day. However, it is important to note that I did not test the belt with dress pants or slacks.

Nextbelt Titan BD Black PreciseFit EDC Belt measurements

This is a workwear-focused EDC belt, and that's where I spent most of my time testing it. It took multiple attempts to get the belt just right; first using the advised length, then trimming three inches off to achieve a proper fit with the belt. If you leave the tail of the belt too long, it will catch on to objects and, if the trim is too short, the belt will be destroyed because you won't be able to put it together. So when installing and measuring up the belt buckle, be careful or else you'll be disappointed with your purchase.

The belt's design is fantastic. It is extremely sturdy, held up well, and made an excellent carry belt. It has enough flexibility to be comfy. The edges of the belt are wrapped in nylon to provide a smooth finish and prevent snagging and damage to garments. The ratchet system on the rear of the belt shows no signs of wear throughout my testing, and the buckle never came unlocked. My next test will be to put this belt through its paces for many years to see how it performs at the end of that period of time.

Nextbelt Titan BD Black PreciseFit EDC Belt inside construction

The advantages of this belt are its size, stiffness, and usefulness. This belt's half-inch breadth is ideal for any pair of pants with belt loops this big. It works wonderfully to keep my pants around my waist while also being great for attaching duty gear like holsters and other accessories. The no-hole ratcheting mechanism worked very effectively and was smooth to use. It slips on smoothly and gives a clean, sleek appearance when worn.

Nextbelt Titan BD Black PreciseFit EDC Belt ratcheting mechanism

The only issue I found with the Nexbelt Titan was that removing the belt required knowledge of how to release the ratchet strap. It does take some practice and familiarity to do this correctly, so if you are unfamiliar with it, you may struggle to take off your pants in urgent situations. I do not recommend anyone being put in such a position when trying to remove the belt quickly. It is essential to focus and practice unfastening the belt efficiently to avoid any mishaps.

My final thoughts are that this is the finest belt I've ever owned! I've tried a few different belts, including a Blackhawk model that lasted me three years and an Elite Survival Systems belt from SHOT Show. In terms of duty belts, the NexBelt is best suited for my needs. Comfortability and durability were factors in my decision-making process. I'm ecstatic and simply thrilled with this belt; it's hard to imagine anything better than to round out my outfit day after day.

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