Hunting Careers?

Posted by Jessica Koenes on Oct 1st 2021

What Professional Hunting Careers Suit you?There's a lot of outdoor hobbies that can turn into a successful career, including hunting and shooting. Not only do you get to enjoy your hunting adventure, … read more

Which States Allow Constitutional Carry?

Posted by Marian Yaun on Jul 30th 2021

Which States Allow Constitutional CarryIn 2021 the number of states that have been joining the constitutional carry has grown quickly. The bill is a great way to advance self-defense rights and Second … read more

​What Does Constitutional Carry Mean?

Posted by Marian Yaun on Jul 29th 2021

What Does Constitutional Carry Mean?Constitutional carry is the right to bear a firearm without any restriction in place by the Government. It is not needing any permission to exercise your rights to … read more