Why Should You Buy Firearm Cases

Posted by Brady Kirkpatrick on Feb 17th 2023

Why Should You Buy Firearm Cases?

Firearm cases are in the gray area of gun ownership – in most cases, they’re not legally required, but many gun owners testify to their usefulness and advocate the investment.

“Well, if it’s not legally required, is it still worth my money?” you might wonder. Read on and see how firearm cases are useful, and let’s figure out whether you should invest in one, even if there isn’t a law stating you should buy one.

Keeping Your Firearm and Your Family Safe

A good case can’t be broken into, and it keeps your weapon safe from theft. Most importantly, however, a good case keeps your weapon from getting into the hands of someone who shouldn’t be handling a weapon (especially children).

Although federal law doesn’t require you to keep a gun in a case or a safe in your home, some states brought their own laws. For example, if you live in Massachusetts, all firearms must be stored in a safe when you’re not using them.

Discreet Concealment Guitar Rifle Case

Other states, such as New York, require you to keep the gun “ safely secured and inaccessible to those not permitted to possess them,” but it’s never specified that it needs to be an actual safe. Therefore, you can actually keep your weapon in a case, as it legally qualifies as a secure weapon container.

This law is not without reason – there have been “110 unintentional firearm deaths to children 0-14 annually in the U.S.” from 2005 to 2012, according to this study. A great deal of these tragic events could have been prevented if the firearms were safely stored!

So, buying a hard-sided case is an absolute necessity if you want to keep your family safe. The case should be completely inaccessible to everyone but you and other adults who know how to handle firearms. This is the most effective way of preventing a disaster.

A Case Keeps Your Firearms from Damage

Let’s say you’re keeping your firearms hanging on your garage wall. If a flood, a fire, or an earthquake occurs, it’s almost guaranteed that your weapons will be damaged, perhaps irreparably.

Even if something less dramatic happens, such as rain leaking through the roof, your weapons are unprotected and susceptible to corrosion damage. Firearms are vulnerable to moisture, dust, and scratching, which can all easily happen if they’re left out in the open.

Crush-Resistant Double Rifle Case

Referring specifically to the moisture issue, the best gun cases are waterproof, preventing corrosion damage.

This applies to travel, as well. If you’re going on a hunting trip, you can just put your rifle in the trunk and let it bounce around as you drive. This, however, can lead to a damaged weapon, especially if you have optics installed, as they’re particularly fragile.

Therefore, buying a case can prolong the longevity of your weapon and ensure that it keeps shooting straight for a long time to come.

A Case Is Necessary for Airline Travel

If you’re flying somewhere and want to bring firearms with you, you will have to put them in a case. This is a bit of a conundrum, as you must comply with your local State Law (and County Law, if there is a specific law about gun storage), the State Law of the state you’re traveling to, and TSA Law.

TSA Law is the most important one to follow, as you won’t be allowed to board a plane if you don’t. According to the TSA, firearms may be transported only in hard-sided containers and only as checked baggage, despite the size and weight.

Cedar Mill Hard Rifle Case w/TSA Specs

Firearms need to be declared, the magazines have to be unloaded, and ammunition has to be transported separately. Bringing accessible ammunition, even if the weapon is unloaded, is illegal and is treated the same as if you’re bringing a loaded firearm to your trip.

You can check out all TSA guidelines for traveling with a firearm here, but in summary – to fly with a firearm, you need to carry it in a hard-sided case that’s inaccessible to everyone but yourself.

Verdict – Should You Buy a Case for Your Firearm?

A case is necessary if you want to keep your firearm safe from theft, any sort of damage or if you want to travel with your firearm. It’s even more important if you have a family, as it will prevent children from getting to the firearm and potentially hurting themselves or someone else.

This makes gun cases one of the best investments or one of the best gifts for gun owners.

Properly treating your firearm is crucial to owning a firearm, and safe storage is part of that treatment. Unfortunately, some gun owners seem to forget that, but buying a case is a step in the right direction.

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