Viridian RFX 45 Closed Emitter Green Dot Reflex Sight Review

Posted by Mandu Moses on Jun 7th 2024

The Viridian RFX 45 is a green dot sight designed for use on long rifles alongside a scope. Whether you’re tracking a target across the field or lining up the perfect shot, the RFX 45’s green dot sight provides a clear and precise point of aim. This review will explore the RFX 45's features, performance, and overall value.

RFX45 Closed Emitter Green Dot Reflex Sight with Adapters and Mounts

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First Impressions

For an initial look at the Viridian RFX 45, check out the unboxing video below.

Installation and Setup

Installing the RFX 45 was relatively straightforward, thanks to the pinch 35-degree offset mount. However, I encountered a minor issue. When initially attached to the side of my Black Hound Scope, the sight was positioned a bit too close to the windage turret, obstructing a comfortable sight picture. Fortunately, the offset mount allowed for outward adjustment, resolving the clearance issue and providing a clear view through the RFX 45.


The Viridian RFX 45 is a robust and advanced optic designed for precision and reliability. Here are its key specifications:

Specification Detail
Model RFX45
Footprint ACRO Compatible
Dimensions 1.9" (L) x 1.1" (W) x 1.13" (H)
Lens Dimension 24mm x 15.5mm
Eye Relief Unlimited
Lens Coating Fully Multi-Coated Glass
Maximum Adjustment 90 MOA
Reticle 5 MOA Green Dot
Power Source 1 x CR2032 Battery
Battery Life Up to 50,000+ hours
Settings 10 (8 Visible and 2 Night Vision)
Operation INSTANT-ON with User Control and Memory, Auto Shut Off
Weight 1.73 oz / 48.19 grams
Housing Material Machined 6061 Aluminum with Hard Coat Anodization
Environmental Rating IPX6
Operating Temperature -4°F to 130°F
Warranty Limited Lifetime

Field Test Results

RFX45 Closed Emitter Green Dot Reflex Sight with Adapters and Mounts

My first trip to the range with the Viridian RFX 45 had mixed results. While the initial sighting was promising, there was a definite learning curve. Wet ground made it difficult to dial in the sight. However, once I found some dry dirt, getting the RFX 45 on target with paper targets became a smooth process.

One quirk I noticed right away was the difference between the windage and elevation adjustments. The windage adjustments felt satisfyingly precise, with clicks that seemed close to the standard half-MOA adjustments. However, the elevation adjustments were a bit jumpy. Each click translated to a more noticeable shift in elevation, several inches at 50 yards to be exact.

While this lack of fine-tuned elevation control might be a problem for long-range target shooters, it wasn't a major concern for me. Once I got it dialed in, the RFX 45 rewarded me with tight shot groups and consistent performance under a variety of lighting conditions.

The real star of the show, however, is the green dot reticle itself. Viridian boasts about their green laser technology offering superior visibility, and they have a point. Even against a backdrop of dense foliage, the green dot remained crisp and easy to pick up compared to the red dot sights I've used in the past. This quicker target acquisition could be a game-changer in a close-quarters situation.

RFX45 Closed Emitter Green Dot Reflex Sight with Adapters and Mounts

Another feature that makes the RFX 45 a great choice for a truck gun is its closed-emitter design. This design shields the sight from dust, dirt, and other debris, making it a reliable companion in a bumpy truck bed or a dusty environment. The instant-on functionality is another perk, allowing for immediate sight activation without wasting time fiddling with buttons.

Night vision enthusiasts will also appreciate the RFX 45's compatibility. The sight offers adjustments for both visible light and night vision settings, making it a versatile option for low-light scenarios.

Finally, a user-friendly touch: the battery compartment is conveniently located on the top, while the windage and elevation adjustments are easily accessible on the top and side of the sight, separate from the illumination controls. This keeps things organized and avoids accidental adjustments during operation.

  • Superior Green Dot Reticle: The green dot technology delivers exceptional visibility, facilitating faster and more precise target acquisition in real-world scenarios.
  • Rugged Closed Emitter Design: The closed emitter design provides enhanced protection against dust, dirt, and debris, making it ideal for harsh environments.
  • Instant-On Activation: The instant-on functionality eliminates time wasted on fumbling with buttons, allowing for immediate sight activation and target engagement.
  • Night Vision Compatibility: The RFX 45 integrates seamlessly with night vision equipment, offering adjustments for both visible light and night vision settings.
  • 5 MOA Green Dot Reticle: The 5 MOA green dot size offers a clear advantage in rapid target acquisition at close range but may hinder aiming precision at extended distances.
  • Uneven Elevation Adjustments: The elevation adjustments felt less refined, resulting in larger corrections per click at 50 yards, which could be a minor inconvenience for fine-tuning zero or making precise long-range shots.

Final Thoughts

RFX45 Closed Emitter Green Dot Reflex Sight with Adapters and Mounts

Despite its impressive capabilities, the Viridian RFX 45 maintains a compact profile, with a footprint smaller than a Streamlight TLR-RM1 mounted on the forend. This compactness translates to practical functionality, making the RFX 45 an excellent choice as a close-quarters optic for a truck gun.

In self-defense situations, which statistically occur at close range, the RFX 45 bridges the gap perfectly between a scope and a reflex sight. While a larger 5 MOA green dot may compromise long-range precision, it significantly enhances rapid target acquisition in close-quarters situations, making it a valuable asset for close-quarters defense or low-light environments.