The Viridian Pinch 35-Degree Adjustable Offset Mount Comprehensive Review

Posted by Mandu Moses on May 31st 2024

Right out of the box, the Viridian Pinch Mount impressed with its superior build quality. The aircraft-grade 6061 aluminum felt reassuringly sturdy, and the machining tolerances were tight. It also exhibited a flawless finish and legible markings. The mount can be ordered with various adapter plates for popular reflex sights like Docter, RMR, Shield, and ACRO, ensuring broad compatibility.

Installation and Setup

The installation process of the Viridian Pinch Mount is user-friendly and intuitive. Its base attaches firmly to any Picatinny rail through two locking lugs and a pinch plate mechanism.

What sets this mount apart are the specialized mounting plates designed for different reflex sights. These plates offer three adjustable offset positions at a consistent 35-degree angle but feature varying mounting distances to cater to diverse user preferences.

Moreover, including three set positions provided an added layer of customization, allowing for fine-tuning of the reflex's position relative to the scope. Once everything is in place and tightened, the mount exhibits remarkable stability, ensuring reliable performance in the field.

Viridian Pinch 35 Degree Adjustable Offset Mount Horizonal view Viridian Pinch 35 Degree Adjustable Offset Mount Horizonal view

Specifications of the Pinch 35-Degree Mount

Key specifications include:

  • Angle: Engineered with a 35-degree offset, it ensures swift transitions between your primary and secondary sighting systems.
  • Mounting Options: Offers three distinct mounting positions, providing a customizable fit for various sizes of primary optics.
  • Construction: Boasts a streamlined, minimalist design, meticulously constructed from premium machined anodized aluminum.
  • Size: Measures 2.46 inches in length, 0.87 inches in width, and 0.87 inches in height.
  • Weight: Lightweight build, weighing in at 0.9 ounces (2.6 grams) sans mounting plate, and 1.5 ounces (42.5 grams) with the plate attached.
  • Material: Precision-crafted from 6061 Aluminum, complete with a durable Hard Coat Anodized finish.

Mounting and Adjustment

Viridian Pinch 35 Degree Adjustable Offset Mount offset shield with logo

The PINCH employs a standard Picatinny rail interface, guaranteeing a secure and wobble-free connection. This design feature ensures that the mount maintains zero during rigorous shooting sessions, preventing any unwanted movement.

Adaptability and Functionality

The 35-degree offset angle of the Pinch Mount is specifically engineered to facilitate swift and seamless transitions between primary and secondary optics. This is particularly advantageous in close-quarters engagements where rapid target acquisition is crucial.

Additionally, the design of the mount promotes a more natural head position compared to traditional offset mounts with steeper angles. This thereby reduces neck strain and enhances comfort during prolonged shooting sessions.

The mount's ambidextrous design ensures universal usability, catering to both right-handed and left-handed shooters without requiring separate versions. Furthermore, its compatibility with a variety of reflex sights through multiple adapter plates extends its applicability across different firearm configurations and user preferences.

Performance and Durability

In practical applications, the Viridian PINCH delivers on its promise of stability and reliability. Its secure mounting system and precise machining effectively prevent any unwanted movement or loss of zero, even under heavy recoil.

The anodized aluminum construction not only ensures robustness but also offers resistance to corrosion. This makes the PINCH a dependable companion in diverse weather conditions and environments.

Additionally, the mount's lightweight design enhances maneuverability, proving beneficial for tactical operations and extended shooting sessions.

Field Test Results

Integrating the Viridian Pinch Mount into my truck gun setup yielded promising results. While my rifle, equipped with a white-label armory barrel and a two-stage trigger, is capable of engaging targets at distances exceeding 400 yards, real-world scenarios often demand closer engagement distances.

Viridian Pinch 35 Degree Adjustable Offset Mount views with state of the art design with logo

The Pinch Mount enabled the seamless integration of a backup, non-magnified RFX45 reflex sight at a 35-degree offset from my primary scope, enhancing versatility and adaptability. The mount's adjustability allowed for optimal positioning, ensuring comfort and functionality during transitions between the scope and reflex sight.

Here’s What I Observed

  • Swift Transitions: The mount facilitates rapid and efficient switching between a magnified scope and a close-quarters reflex sight.
  • Ideal for Deployment: The mount's adaptability and functionality made it a valuable addition to my truck gun, proving effective in diverse shooting scenarios.
  • Comfortable Offset: The 35-degree offset design offers a comfortable and functional sight picture while maintaining a natural grip on the rifle.
  • Adjustable for Optimal Positioning: The inclusion of three set screw positions provided me with the flexibility to achieve the perfect balance between the scope and reflex sight.
  • Compatibility with Various Reflex Sights: The reflex sight performed flawlessly with the mount, showcasing its compatibility with a variety of other reflex options through different adapter plates.
  • Secure mounting of backup reflex sights, ensuring reliability and stability.
  • Seamless switching between close-quarters and long-range shooting scenarios, enhancing versatility.
  • Versatile 35-degree offset, compatible with a wide range of optics.
  • Three mounting positions for personalized customization, catering to individual preferences.
  • A sleek, low-profile design minimizes interference and improves aesthetics.

Viridian Pinch 35 Degree Adjustable Offset Mount with screws top view with logo

  • The locking lug attachment style may pose challenges at rail ends, requiring careful consideration during installation.
  • Tiny lettering on the mount can be difficult to read, potentially affecting user experience.

Final Thoughts

The Viridian Pinch 35-Degree Adjustable Offset Mount is an exemplary firearm accessory, offering a blend of superior craftsmanship, adaptability, and functionality.

It performed exceptionally well across various testing scenarios, surpassing expectations in terms of user comfort and customization options. While the price point may seem steep, the quality, features, and performance of the mount justify the investment.

I am thoroughly impressed with the Pinch Mount and intend to incorporate it into other rifles in my collection, confident in its ability to enhance versatility and adaptability in the field.