BubbaRope Gator-Jaw Synthetic Shackles

Posted by Cici Tim on May 20th 2022

Review of the BubbaRope Gator-Jaw Synthetic ShacklesThe Gator-Jaw Synthetic Shackles are a fantastic choice for soft shackles. They're essential when using synthetic winch lines for winching or recove … read more

Can you Bring a Firearm when Camping

Posted by Jessica Koenes on Apr 29th 2022

When camping, can you bring a gun? Is it advised to carry one during outdoor activities such as hiking and hunting? What type of firearm would be useful for these types or trips accordingly?In most ca … read more

How Far Can a Bullet from a Rifle Travel?

Posted by Jessica Koenes on Mar 4th 2022

How far can a bullet from a rifle travel? This is the science behind firing and how projectile size can affect power, distance, or effective range.Do you know that old saying about how far a bullet ca … read more

Why Firearm Positioning is Important

Posted by Jessica Koenes on Jan 21st 2022

A few things to keep in mind about firearm positioning: your stance dictates your accuracy, agility, and safety. All three are crucial for success whether on a mission or while hunting! The perfect s … read more