Where to Take Firearm Classes

Posted by Jessica Koenes on Jan 7th 2022

When you're looking for the perfect firearm course, make sure it's one tailored to your needs. Ask questions like "What will I get out of this class?" and be realistic about what kind of improvement i … read more

Essential Pieces of Hunting Gear for Beginners

Posted by Maren McReynolds on Dec 31st 2021

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Why is Firearm Training Important

Posted by Jessica Koenes on Dec 24th 2021

Firearms training is important whether you need it for a license or not. Practice makes perfect and advanced skills can help prevent accidents, so why wouldn't we train?Firearms are a great way to kee … read more

States where Firearm Suppressors are Legal

Posted by Jessica Koenes on Dec 10th 2021

The best way to keep your gun quiet is with a suppressor. Find out where they're legal and which regulations you need for owning one in the U.S., then do some research before heading to your local sho … read more

Can a Firearm be Registered in Two Names?

Posted by Jessica Koenes on Nov 26th 2021

Can a firearm be registered in two names? Is it possible to register a firearm in two names? When & why would you want to do this? Is registration handled by the Fed or State & what about NFA or Cla … read more