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13 Must-Have Accessories For Carrying A Pistol

Posted by Crist Roy on Jun 24th 2022

 The Right Accessories To Keep Your Pistols Clean and Safe

If you regularly carry a pistol for self-defense, you know that certain accessories can make the experience much more comfortable and convenient. This article will discuss thirteen must-have accessories for carrying a pistol.


It is probably the most important accessory, as it will determine how comfortable and safe your gun is to carry. There are so many different types of holsters available on the market, so it is very essential to choose one that is comfortable for you to wear and also will securely hold your gun.

What Type of Holster Is Best For Carrying A Pistol?

That depends on your personal preferences and what type of gun you are carrying. There are many different styles of  holsters available on the market, so it is essential to find one that is comfortable for you to wear and will securely hold your gun. If you are carrying a larger gun, you might consider a shoulder holster or a drop-leg holster. These holsters allow you to have the gun in a more concealed position, making it less likely to be seen by some potential attackers.

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A belt is a necessary thing for you to keep your holster and gun in place while carrying them. A  good quality belt will also help distribute the weight of the gun evenly, making it more comfortable to have; it will help keep your pants up and provide a solid platform for your holster. Again, there are many different options available, so choose the right one for you.

How Do You Choose The Right Belt To Support The Weight of Your Gun?

Again, this depends on personal preferences. Some people prefer a wider belt for better support, while others find that a narrower belt is more comfortable. You should also make sure that the belt you choose is made from a sturdy material that won't tear or break easily.

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A Concealment Garment

It could be a jacket, vest, or even a shirt with a built-in holster. Having a dedicated piece of clothing to help conceal your firearm can make a big difference in how comfortable and safe you feel carrying it.

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A Good Flashlight

A flashlight can be a great accessory for many reasons. It can help you see in the dark, identify potential threats, and even temporarily blind an attacker. Moreover, it would help if you also kept your Best Night Vision Goggles, especially for those who prefer precise shots from afar.

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Most handguns come with only one magazine, so it's always a good idea to carry a spare. If your primary magazine runs dry, you will still have another one available. A magazine pouch is a handy accessory to have when carrying a pistol. It allows you to store extra magazines for your gun always to be prepared if you need to reload.


magazine, by MikeGunner licensed under Pixabay

What Kind of Magazine Pouch or Speedloader Should You Use?

It is another area where personal preferences come into play. Some people prefer to use a magazine pouch that attaches to their belt, while others find that a speedloader is easier to use. If you're carrying a large gun, you might want to consider a double magazine pouch to have two magazines readily available.


A knife can be a useful tool for self-defense and everyday tasks. If you choose to carry one, make sure to get some training in using it properly.


knife, by AlLes licensed under Pixabay

A Gun Cleaning Kit

Keeping your gun clean and well-maintained is essential for its long-term function and reliability. A  good cleaning kit will help you do just that. A cleaning kit is a necessary accessory for any gun owner. It is essential to keep your gun clean and well-maintained to ensure its proper functioning. A cleaning kit will help you to do this efficiently and effectively.

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Ear Protection

Ear protection is important when shooting a gun, as the noise can be loud and damaging to your hearing. Earplugs or earmuffs are both effective ways to protect your ears while shooting.

Ear protection, by Mimzy licensed under Pixabay

Eye Protection

Eye protection is also important when shooting a gun, as the recoil can send debris flying into your eyes. Wearing safety glasses or goggles will help protect your eyes from this hazard.

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A Target

A target is a necessary accessory for practicing with your gun. It gives you something to shoot at and also helps to improve your accuracy.


A Gun Safe

A gun safe is an important accessory for any gun owner. It provides a secure place to store your gun when it is not in use and can help to prevent accidents.

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A Lock

A  lock is another essential accessory for a gun owner. It can help prevent unauthorized use of your gun and deter thieves.



Of course, ammunition is one the essential accessory for a gun. Without it, your gun would be useless. Be sure to choose the right type of ammunition for your gun, and always store it in a safe place.

What Kind of Extra Ammunition Should You Carry?

It is entirely up to you, but keep in mind that the more ammunition you have, the better prepared you'll be in an attack. You might want to consider carrying spare magazines or speedloaders and extra ammunition for your gun.

Wrapping Up!

Carrying a pistol for self-defense is a serious responsibility. Make sure you are investing in the right accessories. A good holster, a sturdy belt, extra ammunition and other accessories are essential for keeping you safe.

These are just a few of the many accessories available for gun owners. Many other accessories are available on the market, but these are thirteen of the most essential for anyone who carries a concealed firearm. By having these items with you, you can be sure that you're prepared for anything that might come on your way. While investing in these items, you can ensure that you are prepared and safe when carrying a pistol.

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